Good Friday

March 30, 2012 Comments Off on Good Friday

Things that made today great:

Zevi and I had a wonderful day despite her explosive poops, which required a total of four outfit changes (so far).

In the morning, we walked to the park with Nukah and I was surprised that so many of our friends were at the dog run because it was after the time when most people are already at work. They volunteered to watch Nukah in the run while I stood outside the fence with Zevi.

A couple hours later, we went to our Friday meet-up with other new parents and newborns. Zevi loves seeing all the other babies and I am starting to make some new parent friends.

Joe came home and I went for a run for the first time since forever. I told myself, “I can give birth to a baby, so running should be easy.” Well, it wasn’t easy, but it felt amazing.

On our way to the park for a second visit, we ran into our lovely neighbors, who were bringing us gifts: a beautiful children’s book, Mama, Do You Love Me?, and a hilarious rainbow Pillow Pet, which is Zevi’s first “As Seen On TV” gift.

Nukah enjoyed the dog run for the second time today and a bunch of our friends got to meet Zevi.

And to top it all off, Joseph– beautiful, wonderful Joseph– made me mussels for dinner. (Thank you, Katherine for the encouragement on this one.) Homemade mussels to start the weekend right.

I’m still on my runner’s high. Hopefully this bliss will last all weekend.


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