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May 26, 2012 Comments Off on Pump me back up

In case you’ve been losing sleep after I reported on the terrible tragedy of pumpernickel elimination from The Bagel Store, today begins the beautiful road to forgiveness and redemption. By popular demand, outrage, and frankly, a movement built on passion, pumpernickel is back!

I’ll admit that I never really did my part. The closest I got to any sort of activism was blogging about this local crime of removal.

And then there was the day I ranted to the employees, never following through on my three promises/threats:

1. Gather signatures with a petition.
2. Become Facebook friends with The Bagel Store and give them a piece of my mind.
3. Open a food truck right outside The Bagel Store where I only sold pumpernickel bagels, calling my truck Pay At the Pump.

It should be noted that all of my information about the return of the pumpernickel is from a man working behind the counter. There were no pumpernickel bagels to be seen when I stopped in today; supposedly they had sold out earlier this morning. I might not handle myself well if his claims are false. My three promises/threats may become less empty.

Update: This morning, Joe picked up bagels at The Bagel Store, and we have proof:

All is forgiven.


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