Get me to the pool!

July 14, 2012 Comments Off on Get me to the pool!

Lately I’ve been spending an awful lot of time in McCarren Park. I’ve started running the track a few times a week with a friend of mine, switching off to watch the little ones. But as of yesterday, I am officially hooked on McCarren. Before our first visit to the pool, like many other people we know in our neighborhood, I was full of mixed feelings. Since the pool’s inception a couple of weeks ago, the national PR have painted an anarchic picture of the pool, where lifeguards and security have had trouble controlling the angry summer mobs. I must have read the pool rules close to fifty times and was hearing all sorts of reports from other parents who had taken their children swimming there. What I needed was to get past the hurdle of going once to see for myself. And so we went!

Zevi loves the pool. She laughed and smiled and happily hung out with us in the water. The pool is designed in a U-shape and one side has a wide ramp entrance. Many families with small children sit in the water on the ramp side where it’s very shallow. We talked to another family we know, but mostly, the three of us just played in the water together and basked in the fun, amazed by our neighborhood. The pool is such a great use of public space and to think it’s completely free! I’m hooked for the summer. McGolrick used to be my park of choice, but McCarren is making a pretty strong case for itself now. Hooray for New York City Parks!


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