On the healing path

August 20, 2012 Comments Off on On the healing path

Yesterday evening, I dropped Veronica off at the ferry dock and was walking Zevi back to the ocean, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere as the island started clearing out. I’m a summer baby, and there is nothing like walking around barefoot to celebrate the very fact that you can do just that. Zevi was desperately seeking a nap and I was in the zone: singing little made-up songs and bouncing her up and down. As we walked along, she finally fell asleep. Moments later, I felt a sharp pain in my foot, but kept going. I had walked several feet before I looked down and noticed a trail of blood behind me. A large piece of skin had ripped open on the bottom of my foot thanks to my stupidity and a rusty nail. There was nothing I could do but keep hobbling along, ensuring Zevi’s rest. I managed to drag my busted foot to the beach and past Joe. I signaled to him that I cut my foot and he said he would run to the house for my flip-flops and a first aid kit. I figured salt water would help wash out the wound and begin to heal the gash, so I continued to walk down the shore until Joe caught up with me and we walked back to the house where he administered CPR bandaged my foot and sent me on my way. I’ve had to give up my daily run, which isn’t the worst thing ever. Thanks to my special MacGyver for dressing my wound in this very attractive bandage.


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