Ah, youth!

October 2, 2012 Comments Off on Ah, youth!

On our walk to the train this morning, Joseph and I impulsively bought office pumpkins. It was probably about as much fun as commuting with a baby, not quite, but almost. I felt like we were in health class, trying to protect our “babies”. Both pumpkins arrived at their respective workplaces unharmed. I placed mine on top of my desk to celebrate today: the first day of the kids visiting the library for the year. It’s public school: these things take a while.

Because my school has two bilingual programs, we are given lots of book donations from international organizations. The children made thank-you cards for a wonderful collection of French books that were donated. This card stole my heart.

This drawing of a girl reminds me of how I used to draw people.

I love the French-speaking wolf.

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, the galavanting never ends.


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