Structural Flaws in My Houseboat Dreams

December 30, 2012 Comments Off on Structural Flaws in My Houseboat Dreams

Joseph and I decided to build something different this year, so we constructed a gingerbread houseboat. I’ve always wanted to live in a houseboat, and only recently, with animals, a baby, and global warming did I realize how that dream is purely fictional. Building a gingerbread houseboat may have illuminated some serious flaws in my fantasy.

One of our initial plans was to decorate the sides with green and blue Jolly Ranchers as we did with the roof. Unfortunately we didn’t consider the heavy weight of Jolly Ranchers, which immediately pulled our gingerbread house in one direction, creating a lopsided house.

We moved forward with Lifesavers on the two sides and Jolly Ranchers on the roof and back wall to help support the leaning structure of the house.

We did what we could.

But no amount of reinforcements could stop our houseboat

from capsizing.

It seems that we may not be houseboat people after all. This wasn’t our best gingerbread house ever, but we’re already looking to next year with big ideas and more realistic dreams. If we ever do decide to live on a houseboat, Joseph and I will not try to build it ourselves. And we’ll need to make sure we take out a chunk of insurance.


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