A home within a home

January 18, 2013 Comments Off on A home within a home

In 1972, a very lucky young girl named Katherine was given the best gift anybody could ask for: a dollhouse built by her father, an architect by trade. Over the past forty years, many more children have had the opportunity to lose themselves in the magical world of Katherine’s dollhouse. My week began with the most generous offer: the dollhouse on long-term loan (until outgrown) to Zevi.

Well I didn’t see any reason to run this by Zevi. Who wants a dollhouse on long-term loan? Zevi’s mother! My years of play are not over by a long shot and I can think of nothing more enjoyable than escaping into the wonders of Katherine’s dollhouse. So naturally my answer to Katherine’s offer is YES!

Except for one minor detail: the dollhouse practically shares the same square footage as our little Brooklyn apartment. After pleading with Joe to find a way, any way to make it work, I have calmed down and am listening to the voice of reason (i.e. Joe). While we continue to live in our current home, and until (or if) we reconfigure the space to make room for such wonderful objects, the dollhouse will remain in storage for two years in New Jersey, reserved for Zevi. In two years time, if we have not moved out of our apartment and have not made room for the dollhouse, I will simply throw out most of our things to make room, a reasonable enough decision. Everyone will thank me when the dollhouse is nestled into our home ready for hours and hours of imagination on the loose. What a gift, what a friend.


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