Aggressively avoiding a snowstorm

March 8, 2013 Comments Off on Aggressively avoiding a snowstorm

photo (87)
Early this morning, we flew down to Florida so Zevi could see how her old grandparents live. We went from deicing the plane to seventy degrees in a few hours.

photo (88)
As always, by the time we landed, Zevi had worn herself out from socializing on the plane. It used to be crawling, but now she likes to practice walking down the aisles with the attention and approval of everyone on board.

photo (89)
Our afternoon was filled with re-familiarizing ourselves with warm weather

photo (90)
And playing with all of my retro toys.

Tomorrow my parents are hosting a party in Zevi’s honor. I’m sure she won’t mind a little more attention from a lot of strangers.


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