Happy animals in the sun

March 9, 2013 Comments Off on Happy animals in the sun

photo (91)
Zevi loved her party and to celebrate, she changed outfits three times.

photo (92)
After playing on land for a while, she kept trying to get into the pool, so we changed her into her bathing suit.

photo (100)
She set sail under the attention of many people.

photo (99)
As the party wound down, we went out to the backyard to look at the water.

photo (95)
There we discovered a manatee hanging out near the next door neighbor’s dock.

photo (94)
Joe spent a lot of time feeding the manatee from the neighbor’s hose.

photo (93)
We had so much fun just watching her lounge around and roll over in the water.

The manatee was such a great surprise, a perfect way to end a celebration.


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