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April 29, 2013 Comments Off on Making room

It’s been a super busy week at our house in Brooklyn. My parents came to town, we had a garage sale, Joe’s dad came to town, and then the renovations began. To prepare our home for the new baby, we switched our bedroom with Zevi’s nursery.

Joe and his father set out to build a new wall with a sliding door, paint the walls, and move all the furniture around.

Simultaneously, we were all tasked with keeping Zevi out of the apartment to avoid the very-much-not-baby-proofed construction zone and the paint fumes.

Luckily the renovation gods were with us: the weather cooperated, giving Zevi beautiful days to run around outside in the sun with her Bubbie and Zaddie.

Meanwhile, Grandpa and Joe worked tirelessly to get everything into its new place.

Zevi’s crib went back into the room.

After Grandpa left, it was time to head to Ikea to pick up more supplies.

We organized Zevi’s room and rearranged the furniture just in time for her return from staying at my parents’ rented apartment.

The new crib arrived during the assembling stage. Now Zevi and her baby brother to-be have matching cribs, thanks to Veronica.

We still need to hang new curtains in the nursery, transfer the artwork from Zevi’s old nursery to the new one, finish up the wall above the new door track, and assemble another shelving system for the new baby. More pictures to come.

In the meantime, I’m amazed by the work that went into preparing our apartment for another baby. This renovation has made our new pack member that much more real. We’re in the last trimester and time is zipping by. It’s comforting to make room and to have a physical space to see/think about what’s mostly been happening internally so far.


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