Improv event planning

May 26, 2013 Comments Off on Improv event planning

Our weekend plans have been tossed out and reworked due to extreme changes in the weather and the news that the L train would not be running until Tuesday morning. On Saturday, the weather dipped down into the fifties with rain and high winds moving through. Luckily Zevi’s new rain boots from her grandma arrived just in time and Zevi wanted nothing more than to practice puddle stomping.

Even though Joe and I used to frequent PS1 regularly, we hadn’t taken Zevi there until today. Our friends wanted to do brunch and we needed to get our monthly museum trip in before May ran out of days. And one of the best things about PS1 is how easy it is to get there from our house on the G train. So we found a cute brunch spot right around the corner from PS1 and had such a fun time showing Queens to Zevi and our friends.

By this afternoon the weather seemed to be back on track. Thanks to Memorial Day, we have one more day full of chances to find fun adventures without L train service.


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