All dol’d up

July 13, 2013 Comments Off on All dol’d up

I’ve been hoping to not go into labor until after today so that we could attend my first ever, Dol. Our friend, Emmett celebrated his first birthday with the Korean traditional Doljanchi.

Zevi had other plans for today and so she took a monster midday nap, which meant we missed the amazing part of Emmett’s ceremony where the above happened. Emmett chose the recorder, and will therefore become a rich musician.

We did make it to the party in time to eat the most delicious Korean buffet. The above is just a tiny sampling of all the yummy food we consumed. I could have eaten way more, but we were only there for the last forty minutes of the party.

Zevi was also quite satisfied with the food.

And she played her heart out.

A beautiful day in Brooklyn to experience a Dol.


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