A New York Birthing Story

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After spending the afternoon with my parents, Zevi, and Joseph at the newly reopened post-Hurricane Sandy New York Aquarium, we arrived home. I started to feel contractions shortly after. They were regular and steady, but I waited to make plans to go to the hospital.

We put Zevi to bed at her regular time and had dinner. Once the house was prepared for our absence, we made our way downtown so that we would be closer to the hospital. My contractions were clocking in at two minute intervals. Sitting down for a car ride didn’t sound like fun, so we opted for the train. I figured that if things became imminent, we could get off the train and call a car. I felt good after our first train ride, so we transferred for the second half of the trip.

When we arrived downtown, I wasn’t ready to admit myself into the hospital. We became tourists for a couple of hours. Our baby’s due date was nine months after Hurricane Sandy, and a lot of his pre-birthday was spent visiting areas of the city that were damaged during the storm. Joseph and I had fun walking around South Street Seaport, which is still being repaired.

When the contractions became longer and more intense, we decided it was time to head inside and have a baby.

We were admitted. My parents met us in the labor room and shortly after, Ezra Kivi was born.

Ezra Kivi. July 22, 2013. 2:05 am. 8 lbs, 5 oz.; 19.5 inches.

Ezra: Helper
Kivi: Protected


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