Urban camping

October 14, 2013 Comments Off on Urban camping

Sandra is one of the best house guests I know. She is super conscientious and eager to help out around the house. This past weekend she came to visit us from the Bay Area. She came up with the idea to pitch a tent in our backyard and camp in Brooklyn’s great outdoors. The weather was warm enough and we lucked out with no rain. Since I don’t enjoy camping, it’s impossible for me to believe Sandra when she said she slept well and wasn’t too cold. This is my new favorite idea for hosting guests. With four people, a cat, and a dog, our space is kind of tight. But we could easily fit a few tents in the backyard. Maybe we could even charge rent?


These are the people in my neighborhood

October 6, 2013 Comments Off on These are the people in my neighborhood

Our neighborhood is blowing up and as it rapidly gentrifies, I have reminded myself to appreciate all the people who we’ve come to know over the years, people who we talk to everyday when we’re walking around, many of whom we have lovingly nicknamed as we haven’t always known their names.

Some of these nicknames are:

The “enjoy that baby” woman
The guy who sits outside who looks like my grandpa
The woman with the lunger dogs
The Linked In guy
The guy on Withers who got rid of all the homeless people
The woman with the off-leash pit bulls
The couple who sit outside and give Nukah treats
The old woman who tried to give Zevi a pint of ice cream
The firehouse woman
The sweet man who played mandolin and fiddle for Zevi and Ezra
The man who looks for cans with his corgi
The improbable couple
The guy who we suspect was a famous childhood actor
The 102-year old woman who goes to church every Sunday

We are so blessed to know all of these people. They make our neighborhood what it is.

Square Root

September 8, 2013 Comments Off on Square Root

Big changes are happening all around us right now. This morning we said goodbye to my parents who have been staying a few blocks away from us for the past ten weeks. Tomorrow will be my first day without any help at home with my two children. The weather is cooling down; leaves are falling from the trees. Rosh Hashanah is here again.

We decided to bake challah with Zevi and Ezra this afternoon.

Zevi was an excellent bakers’ assistant. She helped us knead the dough.

And she volunteered to taste the unbaked loaves.

While the loaves rose, we met up with old friends in the park for some afternoon exploring.

On our walk home, I spotted a license plate that seemed to be made for us in this moment.

Upon our return, our loaves had more than doubled in size.

The challah came out perfectly.

This is Zevi and Ezra’s first experience baking bread. I’m looking forward to many more baking sessions as markers of time.

All dol’d up

July 13, 2013 Comments Off on All dol’d up

I’ve been hoping to not go into labor until after today so that we could attend my first ever, Dol. Our friend, Emmett celebrated his first birthday with the Korean traditional Doljanchi.

Zevi had other plans for today and so she took a monster midday nap, which meant we missed the amazing part of Emmett’s ceremony where the above happened. Emmett chose the recorder, and will therefore become a rich musician.

We did make it to the party in time to eat the most delicious Korean buffet. The above is just a tiny sampling of all the yummy food we consumed. I could have eaten way more, but we were only there for the last forty minutes of the party.

Zevi was also quite satisfied with the food.

And she played her heart out.

A beautiful day in Brooklyn to experience a Dol.

Declaring our in(ter)dependence

July 4, 2013 Comments Off on Declaring our in(ter)dependence

Still no new baby, but we didn’t want to take any chances of being stranded on Fire Island if I went into labor– if I went more into labor than I already am. Joe and I kicked off our holiday weekend yesterday with a trip to the movies to see the excellent Israeli film, Fill the Void.

Today our family celebrated the Fourth in our neighborhood.

Laundry fun! I even ended up playing a free game of Ms. Pac-Man while we waited. I’ve still got it; just saying.

Hitting up all the neighborhood hot spots. Hot indeed! Yet another heatwave coming through.

Enjoying an iced beverage while people-watching.

Another trip to the pool with the parents and Zaddie. And of course, best friend time with Mady.

Swimming inside and out

June 29, 2013 Comments Off on Swimming inside and out

First weekend of McCarren Pool and we were able to make a trip pre-new baby. My father and some of our friends joined in on the swimming action. As we entered the pool, the parks department people told me to let them know if I went into labor, which according to my father, I technically already am. I asked the parks people if I would be the first person in the history of the pool to give birth there and they said yes, but I’m not sure they really know. It’s a big pool (accommodating up to 1,500 swimmers) and a lot of people have used it since its original opening in 1936. Anyway, the new baby still hasn’t arrived. Maybe at the Pride Parade tomorrow?

“Keep on moving, don’t stop, no.”

June 28, 2013 Comments Off on “Keep on moving, don’t stop, no.”

I’m keeping busy doing all the things I love doing by myself in the city. That’s a lot of things, so I’m having no trouble staying active. My adrenaline is pumping.

This morning I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge.

I picked up breakfast at Russ and Daughters.

I walked to the west side and spent some time with Joe before heading back to the East Village for a little lunch.

Then I headed home to hang out with one of Zevi’s best buddies, who came over to say goodbye before his family moves to the the state of Washington on Sunday.

My parents arrive tomorrow morning. Once they are here, the new baby has my full permission to find his way into his new home.

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