Oy with the hats! (an update)

January 11, 2014 Comments Off on Oy with the hats! (an update)

Zevi wore her owl hat (pictured backwards above) to the library yesterday. She had it on for the stroller ride home from the library, but it did not make it all the way back.

Nobody noticed it was missing until this afternoon when Joe was walking home in the rain. He found Zevi’s hat, soaking and dirty, lying on the sidewalk about six blocks from home. We are going to have to attach some sort of clasp to both the monkey and the owl hat. Leaving things up to fate has worked so far, but I imagine our luck is bound to run out.


Goodbye amazing deal. Hello winter!

November 26, 2013 Comments Off on Goodbye amazing deal. Hello winter!

I’m not usually into promoting big business on my blog (or anywhere really), but we just ended an amazing run with Dunkin’ Donuts and I am in mourning. For the last eight weeks, I’ve enjoyed a free medium iced coffee to kick off my work week.

I owe it all to Zevi. Every week, all the homes in our neighborhood receive a free “newspaper” on our doorsteps stuffed with all the coupons a saver could appreciate. I’ve never bothered to unpack the bag to look at what’s inside. Instead, I usually toss the paper directly into the recycling. We were on one of our neighborhood adventures one day in October and Zevi dumped out all the coupons in front of a condo down the block. Inside, we discovered a golden ticket. Then we scoured the neighborhood looking for more coupons to share with others. Almost everyone in our neighborhood must have gotten the memo because we could only find two more Dunkin’ Donuts coupons. (Some papers were still out on stoops, but the DD coupon had been removed.) Yesterday Joe and I drank our last free iced coffees while commuting.

Check out this amazing turkey ice cream cake at Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins, just in time for Thanksgiving. Thank you for the free iced coffees, Dunkin’ Donuts. You’re welcome for the free advertising.

Brooklyn Ice Capades Date Night

November 22, 2013 Comments Off on Brooklyn Ice Capades Date Night

Now that summer is but a distant memory, McCarren Park Pool has been converted into a little ice skating rink. (Last year the Parks’ Department forgot to purchase the ice, so this is the first year to ice skate anywhere in Brooklyn.)

And ice skating is what we did.

This was the first time Joe and I ice skated together.

A simple way to have fun; we will definitely go back again this winter.

Happy birthday, babies!

September 22, 2013 Comments Off on Happy birthday, babies!

Today our beautiful chunk, Ezra turned two months. Tomorrow, his brilliant big sister turns twenty months.

We finished off an action-packed, celebratory weekend with some relaxing time in McGolrick.

So proud of my babies and excited to find out more about who these two people are. Happy birthday, Ezra!

Square Root

September 8, 2013 Comments Off on Square Root

Big changes are happening all around us right now. This morning we said goodbye to my parents who have been staying a few blocks away from us for the past ten weeks. Tomorrow will be my first day without any help at home with my two children. The weather is cooling down; leaves are falling from the trees. Rosh Hashanah is here again.

We decided to bake challah with Zevi and Ezra this afternoon.

Zevi was an excellent bakers’ assistant. She helped us knead the dough.

And she volunteered to taste the unbaked loaves.

While the loaves rose, we met up with old friends in the park for some afternoon exploring.

On our walk home, I spotted a license plate that seemed to be made for us in this moment.

Upon our return, our loaves had more than doubled in size.

The challah came out perfectly.

This is Zevi and Ezra’s first experience baking bread. I’m looking forward to many more baking sessions as markers of time.

Cleanest hippies ever

August 31, 2013 Comments Off on Cleanest hippies ever

My friend, Rick accused Joe and me of being hippies when he found out that we didn’t give Zevi a bath (beyond sponging her down) until she was three months old. Judging by how Ezra’s size, he could be a three-month old, but he’s only five and a half weeks and today he enjoyed his first bath.

He was as mellow as could be, as though bathing was just another part of his daily routine.

Squeaky clean. I do love him so.

All around the town

August 18, 2013 Comments Off on All around the town

On a drizzly summer’s day when not much is going on and everyone needs to spend some time outside of the house,

why not take the kids on their first bus trip around the neighborhood?

After hearing that song about the wheels and the wipers and the driver and the doors and the babies and the mommas and the papas for so long, it was time for Zevi and Ezra to stop watching the buses go by and to start riding them.

Then when everyone started to get antsy, we hopped off at the next bus stop, and had another adventure before heading back home.

Goodbye, B43. See you again soon. Maybe next time Ezra will wake up for part of the adventure.

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