A tribute to baby’s first lessons in queer theory

November 20, 2013 Comments Off on A tribute to baby’s first lessons in queer theory

Charlotte Zolotow died yesterday at age 98. (Honestly, I am not intending to turn my blog into an obits column, but I read the obituaries daily and frequently I’m reminded of how life is composed of the labor, stories, and art created by others.)
For anyone who grew up on Free To Be… You and Me, you know that William Wants a Doll was major for learning to deconstruct gender norms and to break out of rigid boxes at an early age. William Wants a Doll was a song inspired by the story, William’s Doll, written by Charlotte Zolotow and published in 1972. I was born seven years later and never knew a world without William’s Doll. Now I know I have Charlotte Zolotow to thank (and my mom for playing the Free to Be record throughout my early years).

I love what Charlotte Zolotow said about children and grown-ups: “We are all the same, except that adults have found ways to buffer themselves against the full-blown intensity of a child’s emotions.”

She added, “We are not different from the children we were — only more experienced, better able to disguise our feelings from others, if not ourselves.”

Although we carry many of her books in the library where I work, Zolotow was not known to me until I read her obituary. Thank you for creating and leading a quiet revolution.


Catalogue This!

October 11, 2012 Comments Off on Catalogue This!

Never too humble to toot my own horn, I ask you, is it too much to bring a little humor, levity, engagement, and dare I say, sexiness to library science?

Ah, youth!

October 2, 2012 Comments Off on Ah, youth!

On our walk to the train this morning, Joseph and I impulsively bought office pumpkins. It was probably about as much fun as commuting with a baby, not quite, but almost. I felt like we were in health class, trying to protect our “babies”. Both pumpkins arrived at their respective workplaces unharmed. I placed mine on top of my desk to celebrate today: the first day of the kids visiting the library for the year. It’s public school: these things take a while.

Because my school has two bilingual programs, we are given lots of book donations from international organizations. The children made thank-you cards for a wonderful collection of French books that were donated. This card stole my heart.

This drawing of a girl reminds me of how I used to draw people.

I love the French-speaking wolf.

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, the galavanting never ends.

Have I got a story for you

May 7, 2012 Comments Off on Have I got a story for you

(That’s Zevi, Ava, and Sofia.)

This morning, Zevi visited the library for the second time. She adores Ms. Elizabeth, the librarian, and loves of the singing and stories. Also, Zevi gets to play with some of her buddies. (Visiting our library makes me excited to return to work.)

The very coolest thing about the library is that on Zevi’s first visit, and then every third visit, we get to pick out a free, new book to take home and keep. We didn’t take a book on Zevi’s first visit, so today I chose Look, Look!

Can’t wait to go back on Wednesday!

Locally grown

January 8, 2012 Comments Off on Locally grown

Nukah’s officially been initiated into Brooklyn living after his first train ride ever, from Park Slope to Williamsburg on the G. He seemed to take to it like a pro: never staring too long at other passengers, stretching out across the seats, and generally appearing bored with the whole thing.

As we roll into week 37, here’s what’s happening on the media front:

Reading: Skippy Dies by Paul Murray and Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed by Tennessee Williams
Reading aloud at work: Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, Duck on a Bike by David Shannon, and Milo’s Hat Trick by Jon Agee
Watching and loving: Kaddish For Uncle Manny, the best Northern Exposure episode, and the excellent film, A Separation
Listening to: The Books’ album, Lost and Safe


October 2, 2011 Comments Off on Goings-on

We had a lovely overnight visit with Kimberley this Friday to Saturday. She’s very excited to become an aunt and showered me with questions, many of which I hadn’t thought to wonder about or ask myself until Kimberley brought them up.

My Sunday is filled with dog sitting sweet Beauregard, Nukah’s basset neighbor, and reading for school. Then a night at the movies with Joseph– we’re finally getting around to seeing The Black Power Mixtape.

Getting back on track

September 10, 2011 Comments Off on Getting back on track

Today was action-packed, but for once, it felt refreshing; we seemed to make progress on many projects and didn’t have to leave the comfort of our neighborhood.

Among other things:

1. Early this morning, we said goodbye to our sweet car.
2. Joe built the storage unit in our bedroom.
3. I read and worked for about six hours on graduate school.
4. I baked these cookies, substituting the egg for another banana, mixing half whole wheat and half white flour, and adding chocolate chips instead of pecans.
5. Joe ate his first Klondike Bar and now he understands the age old question, “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”

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