Declaring our in(ter)dependence

July 4, 2013 Comments Off on Declaring our in(ter)dependence

Still no new baby, but we didn’t want to take any chances of being stranded on Fire Island if I went into labor– if I went more into labor than I already am. Joe and I kicked off our holiday weekend yesterday with a trip to the movies to see the excellent Israeli film, Fill the Void.

Today our family celebrated the Fourth in our neighborhood.

Laundry fun! I even ended up playing a free game of Ms. Pac-Man while we waited. I’ve still got it; just saying.

Hitting up all the neighborhood hot spots. Hot indeed! Yet another heatwave coming through.

Enjoying an iced beverage while people-watching.

Another trip to the pool with the parents and Zaddie. And of course, best friend time with Mady.


Nourishment, Mobility, and the Great Gravity Race

June 9, 2013 Comments Off on Nourishment, Mobility, and the Great Gravity Race

My weekend was full of treats.

On Saturday, Zevi had best friend quality time while Joe and I went into Manhattan to see the excellent film, Stories We Tell. This was only the second time we have been to the movies in the theater since Zevi’s birth, and we’re going to try to get in a few more dates before the new baby’s arrival.

Today we went to SoHo to spend time with Veronica. Zevi found her new favorite playground with just the right amount of water pressure. I enjoyed a prenatal massage, a gift from Joseph for my birthday.

Such a nourishing weekend as we begin the countdown to our little baby boy. We’ve zipped into the homestretch.

Opening of the movie floodgates

November 24, 2012 Comments Off on Opening of the movie floodgates

Once upon a time, before there was a baby, Joseph and I were regulars at the movie theater. I read reviews not just because I enjoyed well-written critiques, but because we followed through on the critics’ recommendations. A.O. Scott and I got to be best buddies; same can be said for Anthony Lane and Josh Rothkopf. Now I read movie reviews for the vicarious living- ah, to be young and to go out, how quaint. But today, ten months and one day after Zevi was born, we finally stepped back into a movie theater to see The Master, which I’ve wanted to see since it opened at least two months ago. It was well worth the wait. The last movie we saw in the theater was We Need To Talk About Kevin, a deeply disturbing film to watch as a very pregnant person. I’m very happy to be back in the movie-watching game. For the record, even though I trust and love Tony Kushner, I have absolutely no desire to see Lincoln. Sadly, I will be forgoing my movie marathon this Christmas for the first time in many years. We’ll have to plan for a January 2013 marathon when more good movies come out.

Not ready to call it a crisis

April 2, 2012 Comments Off on Not ready to call it a crisis

I refuse to believe that our neighborhood is going down hill, but I now have two reasons to be concerned.

On Sunday, I learned that The Bagel Store is no longer planning to sell pumpernickel bagels. I’m not sure if they can really call themselves a bagel store without pumpernickel. This may require a petition, and I’ve been reassured that signatures won’t be difficult to come by. If pumpernickel does not return, this may mean my loyalty will switch from The Bagel Store to Bagelsmith, a few blocks farther from my home, and that’s bad news because even if they have pumpernickel bagels, I’m certain they won’t be as good. Should I need a bagel, it’s not realistic for me to get on the train and go across the river to the mecca, Ess-A-Bagel. I’d love to see some outrage. Stamping our frequent-bagel-eater card to compensate isn’t going to cut it, Bagel Store. Because what am I supposed to do when I earn a free bagel?

To add to my growing unease, on the same day I learned about the pumpernickel tragedy, someone on my block discarded a perfectly good copy of This is Spinal Tap at the base of a tree. Granted, it’s VHS and I’d like to think that this neighbor had simply upgraded to DVD format, but still. What am I supposed to make of this?

They say bad things happen in threes. I say, no more bad omens, please.

Summer lovin’ happened so fast

March 22, 2012 Comments Off on Summer lovin’ happened so fast

Backyard appreciation season has begun. With days now hovering in the seventies and eighties, we are moving life outside once again. Soon new grass seed will go down; a baby swing will hang from our tree; fresh herbs will be planted; breakfast and dinner will be eaten out back; and socializing will require sunscreen and shades. Goal for this summer: gathering friends and family for a screening of Baby Boom in the backyard with freshly popped popcorn, salted edamame, movie candy, and root beer floats.

Locally grown

January 8, 2012 Comments Off on Locally grown

Nukah’s officially been initiated into Brooklyn living after his first train ride ever, from Park Slope to Williamsburg on the G. He seemed to take to it like a pro: never staring too long at other passengers, stretching out across the seats, and generally appearing bored with the whole thing.

As we roll into week 37, here’s what’s happening on the media front:

Reading: Skippy Dies by Paul Murray and Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed by Tennessee Williams
Reading aloud at work: Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, Duck on a Bike by David Shannon, and Milo’s Hat Trick by Jon Agee
Watching and loving: Kaddish For Uncle Manny, the best Northern Exposure episode, and the excellent film, A Separation
Listening to: The Books’ album, Lost and Safe

My movie marathon (plus one special guest)

December 26, 2011 Comments Off on My movie marathon (plus one special guest)

Every year on Jesus’ birthday, I spend my waking hours at the cinema. It’s not an unusual choice for a Jew, and over the past years, it’s become more common for non-Jews to also roll into the theaters later in the day when they’ve finished doing their morning rituals/sacrifices. What made this year’s tradition so different is that I had the company of one very lovely gentile, Joseph, who could not fly back to his hometown in case I went into an early labor, which so far, I have not.

Last year was also unusual in that I only saw one movie, the film about Spalding Gray, And Everything Is Going Fine. I had planned to do my movie marathon, but I was left in pieces after the first film and couldn’t see the value in making room for another, lesser movie, even if it meant breaking with tradition.

This year’s lineup worked out really well. Joseph and I saw four movies:

The Muppets: far surpassed our expectations, and kept us laughing, dancing, singing along, and even shedding a few tears.
Young Adult: sneaked into this one, which was mostly a one-note, simple, unmemorable film, but hooray for good acting, free movies, and Minnesota; three-out-of-five stars.
Pina in 3D: Like all things about dance, I had to be forced to go, but once I was there, I was really glad for the experience. This film is beautiful, has an excellent soundtrack, and is gorgeously inspiring. It was also the first 3D movie Joe and I have seen in as long as we can remember.
Take Shelter: except for the last seven minutes, this movie is excellent, if very painful to watch.

Before we planned our itinerary, we didn’t think there were any films that we really wanted to see. It turned out we have extras that didn’t fit into the schedule. Tuesday night, we’re going back out for A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas in 3D and then we may finally make it to Margin Call on Friday. It’s not that we stopped loving the movies, we’ve just been too busy. Thanks to the holidays, our cinephile ignitions have been re-sparked.

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